Sunday, May 1, 2011


Hello Lovelies!

I wanted to share a super sweet blog that was written about me that simply made my day. If you haven't happened to run across Josh Carr yet, you most likely will if you frequent this page. I'm hoping to get to work with him a lot more, and get him some more models to help him expand his portfolio. He's a really great guy, with a really great wife, that takes really AMAZING photographs. His lighting techniques were crazy and awesome, and the results were totally gorgeous. But that is not what makes him awesome.

What is awesome about Josh Carr is not that he just takes good pictures. A lot of people can take good pictures. However, to go with the stereotype I'm starting to get with all my favorite photographers, (they all seem to think they aren't as awesome as they really lovely Elizabeth falls into this category too lol, she is AMAZING and she always thinks her cousin's pictures are way love ya Leeb) he is one of the most grateful, humble, down to earth people I know. For someone who is such a great person to say the nice things he has about me...well, it's completely humbling. I'm honored and thankful to have had him find me and ask me to be just the first part of his adventure into fashion photography. And I most certainly won't be the last. I intend to find him some locations and models for some fun ideas...I could definitely see him doing a zombie shoot. :-)

Here is the blog.  You can read for yourself, he definite gained more than just pictures for his portfolio. He gained confidence, courage to just go for it, and a friend. I so look forward to getting to work with him again. And if you are a model, feel free to hit this guy up! He's amazing!

And to explain the title...I couldn't think of anything really clever, so I went with random/funny. Hope you enjoyed it! Here is my FAVORITE picture from the shoot!

Have a great night, ladies!


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