Monday, November 19, 2012

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Preview!

That time of year is fast approaching! And we've been gearing up the shop to prepare for the busy holiday season! Both Elizabeth and myself have "real jobs" in the retail world (she's at Walgreens, I'm at Carson's) and are going to be quite busy working there during the holidays. But, we also have some exciting things in store for Tick:Tock! Including a Black Friday-Cyber Monday SUPER SALE!

As you can see, the sale runs from MIDNIGHT on Nov. 23 (Black Friday) and runs through MIDNIGHT on Nov. 27 (Cyber Monday.) There are 3 ways to save, so whether you are buying some treats for yourself or stocking up to give away as gifts, you can still save big this year! :-)

Get $10 off on all orders of $30 or more by using the code '10off30' at checkout! 
Get $20 off on all orders of $50 or more by using the code '20off50' at checkout!
Get $40 off on all orders of $100 or more by using the code '40off100' at checkout!

We've also added a sampler set to the mix!

Our  sample set is a special for the holidays! Get 10 samples for only $8! Our samples sets come in 5 different options to meet everyone's color preferences!

You can choose from one of the following:
  • Sunny Days Collection—A random assortment of reds, pink, orange, and yellow shades!
  • Starry Night Collection—A random assortment of blue, purple, and green shades!
  • Everyday Lovely Collection—A random assortment of light naturals, medium naturals, dark naturals, black, and white shades to create beautiful, everyday looks!
  • Night Owl Collection—A random assortment of white, grey, purples, deep blues, and black shades, perfect for creating looks for a night on the town.
  • Over the Rainbow Collection—An assortment of pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple shades! Great option if you want to see a little bit of the entire rainbow of colors we offer! 

If you aren't sure which colors are in which sets, you can check out the tabs along the top of the storenvy page and see what's in each category!

There are also some new colors on their way to the store soon...Our "holiday" collection is actually an "End of the World as We Know It" Collection, since on 12.21.2012 the Mayan Calendar will come to an end...

Whether you think it's happening or not, we've got a collection of colors that is inspired around this little end of the world theme!

Four Horsemen: A white based eyeshadow with flashes of blue, green, red, and pink.

Judgement Day: A metallic silver with flashes of red.
Doomsday Clock: A muddy, greenish yellow with green sparkles.
Seven Minutes to Midnight: It's a blue...and it's a Burple is the best way to describe this color. :).

Mayan Calendar: A deep, metallic gold.
What are you most excited about for Black Friday? <3

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

PRIMETIME--Our Triple Threat Primer!

Hello Lovelies!

I am VERY excited to officially announce a sneak peak of a brand new product that we will be releasing in the next couple of months!

Drum roll..........

Shortest drum roll. Ever. But still awesome!
Yeah. We are REALLY excited about this product, and I hope that you are excited as well!

So far, this is my first legit (as in, I took photos) review/testing of PRIMETIME. We've lovingly nicknamed it the Triple Threat Primer because it can be used as an eye shadow primer, a lip primer, and/or a face primer. I'll be legit testing it further in the next week or two. So expect some more posts!

For today, I'm going to show you the results I experienced. I will add that the results I am going to show you are pretty much the same results that I have seen the many other times I have tested PRIMETIME. 

Now...on to my results.

How to use PRIMETIME 3-in-1 Primer:

First of all, you will NOT use much of this product per application. In fact, I would recommend using a tiny, tiny, itsy, bitsy dot of this stuff. About this big.

I'm not kidding. 

That is seriously all you need. It might even be enough for both eyes, honestly. Heck, this might even be too much. Using your fingers is the best way to apply this product, and you simply rub it onto your eyes or lips. For your face, you might use a bit more, but I would really advise that a little bit goes a LONG way. :-)


First of all, let me start off by saying that creasing is really not a huge problem for me most of the time. I have a dry combination skin type, so I don't have a lot of oil to cause creasing to occur. That being said, I put this stuff to a pretty tough test today. I put my makeup on at 8 AM today. Here's the comparison.

This is Once Upon a Time over Infinity Eye Shadow Base with AND without the PRIMETIME 3-in-1 Primer.
Pretty much identical. Looking good. Ready to take on a hot day of classes! Whoot!

Now, just to let you know what types of trials I put this stuff through, I parked my car as far away from my classes as possible...meaning that I made myself walk around all day from class to class, around campus to put up some flier for our fall play auditions, and then a hot car ride where I did not roll the windows down OR turn the air on for the entire 10 minutes it takes me to get home from school. So I was a very sweaty, oily lady. 

It's hard to see, but you can tell that there has been some creasing on the eye without primer. Here's a closer picture of the without primer photo...

It's a little bit blurry, but you get the idea. Here's the eye with primer just for comparison.

I can't see any creasing on the eye with PRIMETIME. 

Now, just to put that into perspective...that is 10 hours of hold. Using a TINY amount of product. Also, keep in mind that if you have oily skin, your hold may not be as long, but it will be much longer than without primer. 

Other Important Info!

So, you are probably asking....WHEN CAN I GET THIS?!?!

Well. We are looking to have this product available mid-September. A specific date has not yet be set, but be sure to become a fan of our Facebook page to stay up-to-date on the release date!

A full size tube of PRIMETIME 3-in-1 Primer will come in a tube (similar to our old squeeze lip gloss tubes) and will cost $15, and will probably last you quite a while, as it contains 10 mL (or approximately 6 grams/2 teaspoons of primer.)

Full Size...this is probably enough primer on the tip to cover your entire face 5 times. Maybe 10. 
A sample size of PRIMETIME 3-in-1 Primer will come in a clamshell and will cost $5, and will also last a REALLY long time, and contains about 1 mL of product.

Cute little clamshell! More than enough to try it out and see how it works for you! I've had mine for about a month and I still have a TON left. 
And that's all for now! Stay tuned this weekend for a new post using PRIMETIME as a lip primer! <3


Monday, August 6, 2012

Inverted Cat Eye Tutorial--Sneak Peak of PRIME TIME!

I realize I have been very bad, my dear friends. I have not done a new post in many, many days. :-(

BUT! To try to make up for that, I'm going to post a little tutorial on how to do an inverted cat eye look using mostly Tick:Tock Cosmetics, but also a few other products!

So...this step is optional, but I'm working on testing out a new product we have coming out! It's called Prime Time Eye Shadow Primer! YAY!!! PRIMER!!! Lol. Anyways, you can use a primer before you do the next step. Here's my eye with just the primer's absolutely colorless. :-)

Primer! You can't really even tell since it has no color. 
 Next, it's time for Infinity Eye Shadow Base in Milky Way!

Infinity Eye Shadow Base in Milky Way!

 Then, take a liquid eye liner that dries fairly quickly. I used L'oreal Lineur Intense in Black Mica. I really felt like I needed to have a more fine, precise line that when I use a brush and IESB Black Hole.

First line...
 Next, you make the top part, which acts as a barrier to create the white cut-out top line. I tried to make it go above where I really thought it might go, since I really wanted the white "liner" to pop.

Second line!
 Then, I took Midlife Crisis and patted it in an upside down U shape on my orbital bone, and used I'll Sleep When I'm Dead as my lid and crease colors. Then I blended the two. Be very careful of fall out into the white area. I then took Metronome and carefully patted it into the white area for the "liner."

My lighting is terrible.....sorry kiddos.
Here's a better picture from outside that I took. :-)

Hope you all enjoyed this tutorial! <3

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Just For Fun: My Look of the Day!

Hello Lovlies!

Since I am not working today and don't have much to do besides goof off today, I thought I would post some photos of my makeup today!

I was feeling very pink today. <3

Eye open...please ignore my terrible eye brows. 

Eye closed. I love this!

Full face, I'm not smiling cuz I'm bored lol
I used Alarm Clock on the inner eye, Midlife Crisis on the outer, and Party Time Excellent in between and for blending them together, and One Lump of Two (Tea Time Collection) as my highlight. All of this is over Infinity ESB in Milky Way and I added a liner on top using Black Hole. I love pink. <3

Hope you have a great day! What Tick:Tock Colors are you sporting today? Comment below!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Almost Forever Long-Lasting Lip Gloss

Get excited! It seems like it's been a while since we've really launched a new product, and while this is techincally new, it is different!

Introducing our signature line of lip glosses, Almost Forever Long-Lasting Lip Gloss. <3

So what's new about the new glosses? 

For one, the formula for the glosses is very different from out old ones. We had some issues with the lip glosses separating over time with our previous formula and the new formula has definitely fixed the problem!

In addition to fixing the separation problem, we've also discovered that during our wear tests, these glosses last a pretty long time! Anywhere from 4-7 hours! That's like...almost forever in lip gloss years...which is where we got our clever little time-related name. <3

We will continue to care the lip glosses shades you've come to love; Friday I'm In Love, Golden Hour, First Kiss, and Honeymoon. BUT we will also be introducing some BRAND NEW shades...some names include Born in the 80's, 90's Grunge Rock, and 50's House Wife. As you can see, we are getting into the decades idea. :-) But when you see the colors, you'll see why we named them that way. Lol. Photos of the glosses will be coming out soon!

We're quite excited about them! And we hope you are too!

What kinds of shades would you like to see in our new lip gloss line? Comment below! 

Thursday, June 14, 2012


I am more than excited to let our readers know that Tick:Tock Cosmetics is working towards winning a small business grant to help our business really boom into something bigger than we have ever dreamed.

Thanks to a program sponsored by Chase and LivingSocial called Mission: Small Business℠, your support could translate into a $250,000 grant. But we need at least 250 votes at in order to qualify. 

So you are probably asking, HOW DO I VOTE? 
It's super easy!

Step 1: Go to the Mission Small Business site by clicking the link!

Step 2: Click "Support" once you get to the website!

Step 3: Search for Tick:Tock Cosmetics in Terre Haute, IN.

Step 4: VOTE FOR US!

Most importantly, the question is...WHY SHOULD YOU VOTE FOR US?

Well, here is why. These are some of our answers to the questions that Mission: Small Business asks and our full answers can be found in more detail on our Mission: Small Business page once you vote for us! We'd love for everyone to read and fully understand what this means.

Tick:Tock Cosmetics is unique for many reasons. One being that we are located in a very small town, Terre Haute, IN. It's not know for much, other than being a pit stop for people heading to through the USA. 

We are also unique because we've never really gone at things with the idea of making money for ourselves. It was about making something and contributing something to the world...It was about two friends having fun, working as a team, and having a self-sustaining hobby that serves as our favorite creative outlet. We now know that we will NEVER want to stop doing Tick:Tock and only want to watch the company grow and grow! Our dream is that one day our little company will be successful enough that we will be able to run Tick:Tock Cosmetics full-time!
We do it because we love it, and will continue to do it even if we don't get this grant. These funds would definitely make Tick:Tock EXPLODE INTO AWESOMENESS!!!!!! And we would LOVE to be able to share our vision of awesome with the rest of the world.

To say that it would change our lives would be an understatement. By recieving the $250,000 grant, we would be able to grow our business and create even MORE new products that would have otherwise taken potentially years to save up to create. 
$100,000 would be saved to find a location in our hometown DEBT FREE that could serve as not just a store front, but facility to make products, a packaging center to pack and prepare products for shipment, a shipping center to send orders to our customers. We would also be able to have an area for events to promote our business within the community. Since our business really does not require a great deal of space, just more than we currently have, we would definitely be able to find a place that would work for that price.

$40,000 would go to Elizabeth so that she would not have to work for a year while we dive head first into our business.

$10,000 would go into professional branding. We would want to be able to hire someone to help us really solidify our image and logo and make ourselves appear even more professional. 

$25,000 would be donated to our local animal shelters in our area because since we are given a huge opportunity, it is also extremely important to give back to our community because the shelters deseperately need the help as well. 

At that point, we would still have $75,000 left over. This would be used to buy new supplies and make new products, including lipsticks, foundation, blushes, and anything else we can think of to create! We would also be able to have money to advertising, and in the event that we find a building for our store front that costs more than our budget of $100,000, we would have extra money to cover that cost as well as to help with utilities, taxes, etc.

Basically, this would increase our ability to be productive and would be absolutely amazing. Words can't really describe how awesome it would be. I cannot put into words how much this grant would change our lives. I really can't. So I'm just going to say thank you to our customers who have helped us get to the point we are, and with their help we will continue to grow and provide them with the best products and best service and have a blast doing it! Thank you so much for your consideration! <3 

Time is precious. We only live once, so why not live it to the fullest and work to make our dream come true!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Leeb's Awesome Hair!

We're very excited to be donating some Tick:Tock Cosmetics products for the silent auction this weekend! It is for the Elements Salon and Spa Hair Show this Sunday! The proceeds of the show go to the Terre Haute Humane Society, and being a vegan company, you know we love our puppies and kitties!

In our donation, we have full sizes of both Infinity Eye Shadow Base colors (Milky Way and Black Hole), and several full size eye shadows, Brit's First Time, Once Upon A Time, Atomic Clock, Frozen in Time, Midlife Crisis, Everyday Pink, Metronome, Time Square, and Digital. It's all approximately a $60 value!

Elements Salon and Spa is an absolutely amazing salon, and Tick:Tock has actually had the honor of getting to work with one of the stylists who works there, Danna! She is the stylist who did everyone's hair for the Terre Haute Living Magazine cover we did last year! She is actually the stylist who chose our Vice-President to be one of her hair models for the show this weekend! :-D Which is why, in case you haven't seen it, Leeb's hair is especially epic at the moment. She normally has pink hair, but she has a new asymetrical cut and some fun purple highlights to the pink that give it an awesome flair that is so Leeb! <3

I actually went with Leeb when she got her hair done at Elements! Here are some photos I took while we were there!

First--The cut! So cute!

The cut fromt he other side

Making it more pink and adding the purple in the foils! I have to say, Leeb could probably rock a hawk if she wanted.

Being sassy lol

From the back (Danna in the background!)

And from the side...

It's really just full of so much win. I'm jealous. Lol.

I know that I am very much looking forward to going to the show this Sunday to promote Tick:Tock and watch Leeb rock the runway, but also to raise money for a great cause! It's a win-win, really! Plus, I get to see everyone's awesome hair! <3 I'm so excited!

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend! Hope you enjoyed the post!


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Just for Fun! Photo Tutorial for a Sunset Smoky Eye Look!

Hello Everyone! I decided that I would post a my first ever photo tutorial, and this is what I ended up doing! I've got a Reader's Theatre performance this evening, so I couldn't do anything too "crazy," but I have to say that this is a look that could be considered an out of the ordinary smokey eye!

1. Start with a nice, nakey face and eye lid. :-)

Step 1
2. Apply Infinity Eye Shadow Base in Milky Way to entire eye lid using either your finger or a concealer brush. I use a concealer brush first to get lots of product on, then blend lightly along, making sure to blend the edges.

Step 2
3. Apply Pocket Watch* on the inner part of the lid and stop at about the center of the eye lid. 

Step 3
*This is the NEW Pocket Watch Formula. The old formula has more of a yellowy tone to it, which this is much more golden and light. 

4. Add some Two-Timing to the outer area of the lid. Depending on your eye shape, you can carry this down to the lid area, but I tend to keep the color inside and just above the crease line. This is going to give our look it's sunset tone. :-) Also, don't worry about being messy at this point, anything you do can be fixed in the blending process.

Step 4

5. Apply Hourglass to the center part of the eye lid and blend into Pocket Watch and Two-Timing.

Step 5
6. For this part, I used Raspberry Tea in the crease and blended into Two-Timing. However, if you don't have Raspberry Tea, have no fear! You can easily use Midsummer Night, Grandfather Clock or even Digital for a more dramatic look to get basically the same effect. We're just adding more depth to the crease.

Step 6

7.  Next, use Metronome as a highlight on the brow bone and blend, then finish with eye liner and mascara! I also used a little bit of Raspberry Tea over my bottom liner! I applied Clinique's Quickliner for Eyes in Really Black to the bottom water line and lash line and used Clinique's High Definition Mascara in Black for this look!

Step 7
8. Finish it all off with your favorite foundation and set with a finishing powder! I used Clinique's Redness Solutions Foundation in Calming Alabaster and Face-Time Finishing Powder!

Here's the finished look all together!

Step 8
And that's it! I hope you like this tutorial! I had fun doing it, and I hope that I can do some more soon! Comment below with anything you'd like to see for our next tutorial! <3

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Official TheCuttingEdgeCulture.Com SPONSOR!

Hello Lovelies!

I feel like I've been bad about posting lately, but then I noticed that my last post was only 5 days I don't feel as bad lol. However, I do have some very exciting news to share with everyone!

We are officially a sponsor for a non-profit group called The Cutting Edge Culture!

A while back, we were asked by the editor-in-chief, Jackie Cular, if we would be interested! We gladly accepted and are very excited to be a part of such a neat organization!

A little bit about The Cutting Edge Culture from their website...
"We're a not for profit website that combines your favorite entertainers with the charities and social causes they support. We interview bands, celebrities, and charities to get their unique spin on how they are helping to make the world better. The more you read; the more you'll learn."
I have to say, I am so excited! Jackie does an amazing job doing her interviews in such a natural way, as well as asking intriguing questions! We even did an interview with her!

If you'd like to get into The Cutting Edge Culture, there are LOTS of ways to get connected!

The Cutting Edge Culture's Facebook PageYoutube ChannelTwitterTumblrMySpace, AND Storenvy! They are ALL OVER the place, so no matter which social media you use most, you will get the updates there! Gotta be impressed with that!

So go check them out! Listen to some new music! Donate to a cause! Make the world a better place!


Friday, April 20, 2012



Happy Birthday to us!
Happy Birthday to us!
Happy Birthday, dear Tick:Tock!
Happy Birthday to us!


In case you haven't heard...we turned ONE YEAR OLD yesterday! To celebrate, we are offering a special sale! 
  • Everything in the store is 25% off [Excluding Abby Rose, since it is for charity.]
  • Orders of $15 or more will receive a FREE full-size jar of First Birthday, a special color made to commemorate this first year milestone. 
I believe that the key to our first year of success can be 100% contributed to the first customers we ever had, because we really learned so much in those first few months. A good majority of those first customers have been repeat customers, and have taught us a lot about what we have to do to be a long-standing company. There are some obvious ones, like quality product, customer service, advertising, etc. 

But I think the most important thing I have learned is that business doesn't mean sitting at a desk answering emails and only looking at numbers. I will admit, this was my stereotype of what businesses were.

However, business means a way to network with people to make friends all over the world that I never would have been connected to otherwise. And those friendships are what I truly treasure most. I have made what I expect to be life-long friends all over the WORLD through Tick:Tock. I will always be thankful for that. 

Thank you everyone for an amazing first year, and I hope that it is the first of many, many more. <3

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

We're Turning 1 Year Old!

Happy 1st Bithday, Tick:Tock Cosmetics!

Yeah...our baby has almost turned one year old! It seems like just yesterday we mixed up the first batches (which we never got to release, but I think it was a good thing) in my kitchen.

From Left to Right: Two-Timing, Hourglass, Sundial,
Oh-Nine-Hundred, Big Ben, Salvador Dali, Alarm Clock, and Digital. 
From that point, we had the color names for the original 14 colors we wanted ready for the launch of our company. However, when we went to order more supplies, we discovered that our supplier no longer offered ANY of the colors we had, it was back to the drawing board! But not for long, because once we got the new ingredients, we set to work to create those origianl 14 colors, which were Two-Timing, Hourglass, Sundial, Oh-Nine-Hundred, Cuckoo, Big Ben, Salvador Dali, Alarm Clock, Metronome, Pocket Watch, High Noon, Grandfather Clock, Time Square, and Digital.

Tick:Tock Cosmetics Storenvy went live on April 19, 2011. :-)
We had our first contest! AND our top secret photoshoot for our Terre Haute Living cover.
Added Spring Forward, Leap Year, and Midsummer Night to the Originals Collection!
ON THE COVER of the Terre Haute Living Magazine!
Halloween collection (containing the first lip glosses!)
Remember our Black Friday/Cyber Monday Super Sale? That thing was RIDICULOUS....
I became Mrs. Mertz...wearing ALL Tick:Tock, including our Face Time Finishing Powder!
Updated Big Ben and Pocket Watch AND Face-Time was released!
More new colors and A LIP GLOSS LINE!
Just getting ready for our first birthday!!! And the month isn't over it's hard to say what will happen. :-D


We will be celebrating our First Birthday [4/19/12] with, of course, a sale! For the whole day, everything in the store [except for our charity color, Abby Rose] will be 25% off, including all clearance items!

Also, receive a FREE FULL SIZE JAR of First Birthday with all purchases of $15 or more!

First Birthday is a metallic white loaded with shimmer. Not for use on lips 

Over bare skin, IESB in Milky Way, IESB in Black Hole.

That's all I've got for now, but I'm sure there will be some more epic behind the scene photos to come! :-D Thank you everyone!


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Abby Rose Fund!! Special Color On Sale NOW!

Hello Lovelies!

As many of you may know, we care a lot about other indie cosmetics companies like ourself. It is for this reason that we feel the need to reach out and help someone else that we are connected to through the indie cosmetics world.

Our good friend, Becca Love [Lucky 107], has a little sister named Abby Rose who is 13 years old and in dire need of a kidney transplant. Her family has set up a charity fund for donations to help them offset the cost of her transplant.

We felt the call to help out, and have made a special color that will be for sale in our store for $5 for a full size jar and 100% of the proceeds (from the sale of this color, not shipping) will go to the Abby Rose Fund. Our current goal is to sell 20 of these eye shadows to help Abby and her family during this very difficult time.

Abby Rose {Over bare skin, IESB Milky Way, and IESB Black Hole} 

Abby Rose {in the jar!}

If you would like to make a donation, you can also donate directly to the fund via paypal to this email address [ ]. 

Thanks everyone and we hope that you can help out!

<3 Tiff