Friday, May 6, 2011

Busy Week...

Hello Lovelies,

Well, this week was finals week. I've managed to scrape by again somehow. Thank goodness! Also, tomorrow is the last day to use the promo code [ ALMOSTSUMMER ] on the Storenvy page. So if you haven't already, better hop to it! <3

Like I said, I had the last of my finals today, but I also have a terrible cold. So I won't be mixing anything up this week, and at least not until after Monday or Tuesday, when I get put on some antibiotics so I will know with confidence that I am no longer contagious. I can ship, no problem. So any orders that come in will be taken out of the stocks we already have made up. It's a simple matter of putting something in a package and taking it to the post office. But as far as actually mixing, I'm just far too sick and should not be messing with that stuff. I know I'd be wearing a mask and gloves and all that, but I just don't want to take any risks. I'd much rather be safe than sorry.

So now I have to come up with other ways to occupy my time! I'm very much looking forward to getting to do laundry, as silly as that sounds. I've gotten just ridiculously behind on my laundry. Lol.

I've already gotten some messages from ladies who have received their packages and are going to be doing some reviews! I'm super excited to hear what they have to say...I feel pretty good that I will hear lots of good things, but it still makes me nervous...what if they don't like the colors? What if they the packaging isn't professional? I'm probably getting nervous for no reason. But still. I also look forward to hearing good things. Elizabeth and I have put a lot of time and thought into all of the colors, making sure we mix lots of colors to create new colors...unique colors that aren't just straight repackaging. And I very much hope that it comes through in the reviews! <3

Well, I'm going to call this the end of the blog. I need to organize my laundry for the excitement that is going to be my week of doing laundry!


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