Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A night of mixing=4 new colors and another contest coming soon!

Hello Lovelies!

Last night, we got to make more of all of the colors, plus we created and potted 4 new colors! Pictures are coming soon! We will be posting them to the Facebook page as soon as they are ready!

While 3 of the gorgeous colors we created have names now, 1 little colors seemed to make us struggle for a perfect name that fit just right. So we will be having a contest! It's going to be a Name That Color Contest! More information will be coming onces we have pictures to share with everyone. But the contest will be ON THIS BLOG. But I just wanted to share that info with everyone, because I hadn't posted for a few days!!


Have a great day!



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  3. New colours! How exciting! I can't wait for them.