Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year! (Almost!)

Hello Lovelies!

Well, it's been an exciting Christmas season to say the least! With a fashion show one week and a wedding the next, we've been busy but in the best possible way. I know that I personally feel truly blessed by all of the great opportunities we've had and the beautiful memories that were made during this time.

Me and Leeb being super excited about looking super fly, yo! :-D
I have to say, I was super pleased with every single aspect of my wedding. I didn't have anything "go wrong" or freak out about anything, because to be quite honest, I was looking forward to the party. That was what was getting me through the formal feeling and the slight anxiousness of seeing so many people at such an special event. In fact, 146 guests packed into a church set for only about 100...we had to have guests use some of our extra chairs and even some people were standing in the hallway! It's safe to say, Kevin and I are an extremely loved couple, and we are honored to have been shown such love by so many of our friends and family. In fact, Kevin's dad's side of the family came up from Texas, including Kev's step brother Jeremy who was one of his groomsmen. Here's a picture of my ENTIRE family, new and old (both mine and Kevin's side!)

As I said, everything about our wedding was absolutely perfect and the reception was perhaps even more perfect. I had a blast dancing so much! I don't think I even danced that much at both of my proms combined! It was a wonderful time of celebration with friends and family, and all I can say is that I feel so blessed.

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:-P that I've finished reminiscing about my awesome wedding, it's time to talk about some updates.

Firstly, we will be starting the Color of the Month with the beginning of the New Year! This months color is Frozen in Time. The color of the month will be on sale for that entire month for $3 for a full size jar.

Secondly, we are excited to announce that we have begun formulating two new products that we hope to have out sometime in February! There are no official names yet, but we are working on some mineral face powders! The first test was at the fashion show and they seemed to wear well then. The second test was the wedding, and I have to say that I thought they looked great! That's what I am wearing in all of the photos from the wedding!

I'd created basically 4 "shades; Invisible Blend, Shade 01, Shade 02, and Shade 03. I personally prefer the invisible blend because it gets rid of shine and helps airbrush without giving any color, and I always know I can use it on other people, so and Invisible Blend has always been a part of my makeup artistry kit. Shade 01 is the "foundation-like" mineral powder that I wore over a tinted moisturizer at my wedding. I used the tinted moisturizer to give some extra, long wear coverage to my dry skin. A normal combination to oily combination skin type would probably feel completely comfortable without a tinted moisturizer. Shade 02 is about 2 shades darker, and shade 03 is about 2-3 shades darker than that. The nice thing about mineral powders is they are very forgiving colorwise because they blend SOOOOO well. I loved the powders, but I'd like to work on them a bit more, develop some more colors, etc, before we release them. Plus, we need to come up with a cute time-related name. :-)

The blushes are another adventure We still have a lot to do with shades on those, so keep your eyes out for new info about those!

That's pretty much all for now ladies!

Hope you all have a wonderful New Year! <3

Mrs. Tiffany Mertz
Get used to my new last name, lol. I'm no longer "Rusin."