Friday, May 13, 2011

Haircuts, More Swatches, Contest Info

Hello Lovelies!

Today's been a pretty exciting day! I got a hair cut! Lol. My hair had been growing out and it was at that "awkward" stage. And I gotta get my hair looking spiffy...I can't talk about why, but let's just say there is something very, very exciting going on at Tick:Tock Cosmetics next week that I need to look professional for. Lol. And my hair was not cutting it. So yeah. Get excited.

In Tick:Tock news that I can actually talk about, you may have noticed out new additional swatch pictures. We had a fan on Facebook comment on our Pigments photo album [you can read them here] that some of the colors appeared very different in the pot than on the eye lid photograph. We have already addressed the question via the Facebook page, but I wanted to explain on here as well. Here's what Elizabeth posted...

There was a question on our pigments album about the difference in color from the pot to the application. I wanted to sort of explain why the difference is there and what the best way to apply your pigments is so that you get the best color payoff and longest lasting color you can. This applies to all loose pigments, not just ours.

First off, you want to make sure you start out with a primer. I can't stress the importance of this enough. A primer keeps your pigments from creasing, even after 12 hours! Using a primer is super simple, just smear a little on your lid and lower lash line (if you plan on putting pigments there) and all the way up to your brows. An eyeshadow primer is the foundation for your whole look.

Secondly, you will want to use either a base, or a foiling medium. A base is different than a primer. Your base gives your pigments something to stick to. One of the most popular bases among the mineral makeup community is the NYX jumbo pencil. Most use the colors Milk (white) or Black Bean (black). Using a white base makes your colors truly pop, a black base will darken your pigment, a shimmery base will make your pigments look more sparkly. You can also use a base that is the same color as the pigment you plan on applying. Using a pink base with a pink pigment will intensify the pink, as will using a purple base with purple pigment and so on.

Foiling your pigments is different than using a base. You don't necessarily need to use a base when you use a foiling medium. Foiling gives your pigments a "wet" look because they often are wet. There are several different indie brands that offer foiling mediums and I haven't found one that I love. They are generally a mixture of glycerine and water and I find that my lids feel wet and cold the rest of the day. You can also use tap water or contact solution and just *slightly* dampen your pigments and apply them with a brush. My favorite foiling medium is called Pixie Epoxy and it is used in a completely different way. You don't mix you pigments with it, you instead apply PE to your lids and smooth it around, then you pat your pigments on top.

One last thing I feel every look needs: black liquid liner. (but that's just me). I hope this note is helpful to all of you and in turn helps clear up the difference in the appearance of the pigments from jar to application. Please don't hesitate to contact either Tiffany or myself with any questions or concerns you may have. We want you to see the truest possible picture of what you are buying so there is no disappointment. - Elizabeth

Tiffany can be reached via email at:
Elizabeth can be reached via email at: 

Because of these questions, we have added more swatch pictures to our page so that you can see how the colors will look when used in different ways. It's important to know what you are getting, because we do NOT want you to be disappointed by our products. I want you guys to love them as much as I do.

ALSO: There will no longer be contests via the Facebook page. This is due to Facebook changing the contest rules. All of our future contests will be on here. It's kind of lame, I know. But until I get a chance to figure out the more complicated explanation of how we ARE allowed to do contests on there, this will just be easier. Lol. There is a lot to read, and some of it I didn't quite understand.

I guess that's all I've got going on right now, just wanted to make sure all the info was available in different areas.


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  1. Facebook does love causing complications for something that's supposed to 'simplify' online social networking. Good luck figuring out all of the new-rule-gobbledegook!
    Also, I've been glad to see the new swatches. They give me a better idea of if a pigment is what I'm looking for. Keep up the awesomeness! :)