Tuesday, May 10, 2011

We had our first contest!

Hello Lovelies!

We did, in fact, have our first official Tick:Tock Cosmetics contest recently!

We opened the contest after reaching our goal of 200 fans. Within 24 hours, we had reached our entry limit of 50 entries. So yesterday, we did our drawing!

Congratulations go to Elena Herrera, who was lucky number 13. She will be recieving the entire Tick:Tock Originals Collection full-size set in a lovely little silver bag! I'm super excited to do something awesome to start kicking off the company!

We are hoping to do "milestone" give aways, or at least do a give away a month. I figured for our first one, we would give away a really big prize. Each prize will be different, and will most likely be either a product, or a cool promotional item like a t-shirt or something fun like that. :-)

I'm excited to announce that Metronome and Digital will soon be available! We just ordered the supplies Sunday, so they should be in within the next couple of weeks. And you can bet that, like always, the package will only have been in the door for a couple hours before we attack it and turn it into wonderful goodies. Lol. It never fails, I almost immediately open it to look at everything, then get ahold of Elizabeth to see if she is up for a late-night mixing party. We just get way too excited. Lol.

That's all the update I have for now, ladies. Hoping to get some more shoots going in the next week or so.



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