Thursday, June 14, 2012


I am more than excited to let our readers know that Tick:Tock Cosmetics is working towards winning a small business grant to help our business really boom into something bigger than we have ever dreamed.

Thanks to a program sponsored by Chase and LivingSocial called Mission: Small Business℠, your support could translate into a $250,000 grant. But we need at least 250 votes at in order to qualify. 

So you are probably asking, HOW DO I VOTE? 
It's super easy!

Step 1: Go to the Mission Small Business site by clicking the link!

Step 2: Click "Support" once you get to the website!

Step 3: Search for Tick:Tock Cosmetics in Terre Haute, IN.

Step 4: VOTE FOR US!

Most importantly, the question is...WHY SHOULD YOU VOTE FOR US?

Well, here is why. These are some of our answers to the questions that Mission: Small Business asks and our full answers can be found in more detail on our Mission: Small Business page once you vote for us! We'd love for everyone to read and fully understand what this means.

Tick:Tock Cosmetics is unique for many reasons. One being that we are located in a very small town, Terre Haute, IN. It's not know for much, other than being a pit stop for people heading to through the USA. 

We are also unique because we've never really gone at things with the idea of making money for ourselves. It was about making something and contributing something to the world...It was about two friends having fun, working as a team, and having a self-sustaining hobby that serves as our favorite creative outlet. We now know that we will NEVER want to stop doing Tick:Tock and only want to watch the company grow and grow! Our dream is that one day our little company will be successful enough that we will be able to run Tick:Tock Cosmetics full-time!
We do it because we love it, and will continue to do it even if we don't get this grant. These funds would definitely make Tick:Tock EXPLODE INTO AWESOMENESS!!!!!! And we would LOVE to be able to share our vision of awesome with the rest of the world.

To say that it would change our lives would be an understatement. By recieving the $250,000 grant, we would be able to grow our business and create even MORE new products that would have otherwise taken potentially years to save up to create. 
$100,000 would be saved to find a location in our hometown DEBT FREE that could serve as not just a store front, but facility to make products, a packaging center to pack and prepare products for shipment, a shipping center to send orders to our customers. We would also be able to have an area for events to promote our business within the community. Since our business really does not require a great deal of space, just more than we currently have, we would definitely be able to find a place that would work for that price.

$40,000 would go to Elizabeth so that she would not have to work for a year while we dive head first into our business.

$10,000 would go into professional branding. We would want to be able to hire someone to help us really solidify our image and logo and make ourselves appear even more professional. 

$25,000 would be donated to our local animal shelters in our area because since we are given a huge opportunity, it is also extremely important to give back to our community because the shelters deseperately need the help as well. 

At that point, we would still have $75,000 left over. This would be used to buy new supplies and make new products, including lipsticks, foundation, blushes, and anything else we can think of to create! We would also be able to have money to advertising, and in the event that we find a building for our store front that costs more than our budget of $100,000, we would have extra money to cover that cost as well as to help with utilities, taxes, etc.

Basically, this would increase our ability to be productive and would be absolutely amazing. Words can't really describe how awesome it would be. I cannot put into words how much this grant would change our lives. I really can't. So I'm just going to say thank you to our customers who have helped us get to the point we are, and with their help we will continue to grow and provide them with the best products and best service and have a blast doing it! Thank you so much for your consideration! <3 

Time is precious. We only live once, so why not live it to the fullest and work to make our dream come true!

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  1. Just voted for you. I can't think of a better indie company to get it!