Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Just for Fun! Photo Tutorial for a Sunset Smoky Eye Look!

Hello Everyone! I decided that I would post a my first ever photo tutorial, and this is what I ended up doing! I've got a Reader's Theatre performance this evening, so I couldn't do anything too "crazy," but I have to say that this is a look that could be considered an out of the ordinary smokey eye!

1. Start with a nice, nakey face and eye lid. :-)

Step 1
2. Apply Infinity Eye Shadow Base in Milky Way to entire eye lid using either your finger or a concealer brush. I use a concealer brush first to get lots of product on, then blend lightly along, making sure to blend the edges.

Step 2
3. Apply Pocket Watch* on the inner part of the lid and stop at about the center of the eye lid. 

Step 3
*This is the NEW Pocket Watch Formula. The old formula has more of a yellowy tone to it, which this is much more golden and light. 

4. Add some Two-Timing to the outer area of the lid. Depending on your eye shape, you can carry this down to the lid area, but I tend to keep the color inside and just above the crease line. This is going to give our look it's sunset tone. :-) Also, don't worry about being messy at this point, anything you do can be fixed in the blending process.

Step 4

5. Apply Hourglass to the center part of the eye lid and blend into Pocket Watch and Two-Timing.

Step 5
6. For this part, I used Raspberry Tea in the crease and blended into Two-Timing. However, if you don't have Raspberry Tea, have no fear! You can easily use Midsummer Night, Grandfather Clock or even Digital for a more dramatic look to get basically the same effect. We're just adding more depth to the crease.

Step 6

7.  Next, use Metronome as a highlight on the brow bone and blend, then finish with eye liner and mascara! I also used a little bit of Raspberry Tea over my bottom liner! I applied Clinique's Quickliner for Eyes in Really Black to the bottom water line and lash line and used Clinique's High Definition Mascara in Black for this look!

Step 7
8. Finish it all off with your favorite foundation and set with a finishing powder! I used Clinique's Redness Solutions Foundation in Calming Alabaster and Face-Time Finishing Powder!

Here's the finished look all together!

Step 8
And that's it! I hope you like this tutorial! I had fun doing it, and I hope that I can do some more soon! Comment below with anything you'd like to see for our next tutorial! <3

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