Friday, April 20, 2012



Happy Birthday to us!
Happy Birthday to us!
Happy Birthday, dear Tick:Tock!
Happy Birthday to us!


In case you haven't heard...we turned ONE YEAR OLD yesterday! To celebrate, we are offering a special sale! 
  • Everything in the store is 25% off [Excluding Abby Rose, since it is for charity.]
  • Orders of $15 or more will receive a FREE full-size jar of First Birthday, a special color made to commemorate this first year milestone. 
I believe that the key to our first year of success can be 100% contributed to the first customers we ever had, because we really learned so much in those first few months. A good majority of those first customers have been repeat customers, and have taught us a lot about what we have to do to be a long-standing company. There are some obvious ones, like quality product, customer service, advertising, etc. 

But I think the most important thing I have learned is that business doesn't mean sitting at a desk answering emails and only looking at numbers. I will admit, this was my stereotype of what businesses were.

However, business means a way to network with people to make friends all over the world that I never would have been connected to otherwise. And those friendships are what I truly treasure most. I have made what I expect to be life-long friends all over the WORLD through Tick:Tock. I will always be thankful for that. 

Thank you everyone for an amazing first year, and I hope that it is the first of many, many more. <3

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