Monday, August 6, 2012

Inverted Cat Eye Tutorial--Sneak Peak of PRIME TIME!

I realize I have been very bad, my dear friends. I have not done a new post in many, many days. :-(

BUT! To try to make up for that, I'm going to post a little tutorial on how to do an inverted cat eye look using mostly Tick:Tock Cosmetics, but also a few other products!

So...this step is optional, but I'm working on testing out a new product we have coming out! It's called Prime Time Eye Shadow Primer! YAY!!! PRIMER!!! Lol. Anyways, you can use a primer before you do the next step. Here's my eye with just the primer's absolutely colorless. :-)

Primer! You can't really even tell since it has no color. 
 Next, it's time for Infinity Eye Shadow Base in Milky Way!

Infinity Eye Shadow Base in Milky Way!

 Then, take a liquid eye liner that dries fairly quickly. I used L'oreal Lineur Intense in Black Mica. I really felt like I needed to have a more fine, precise line that when I use a brush and IESB Black Hole.

First line...
 Next, you make the top part, which acts as a barrier to create the white cut-out top line. I tried to make it go above where I really thought it might go, since I really wanted the white "liner" to pop.

Second line!
 Then, I took Midlife Crisis and patted it in an upside down U shape on my orbital bone, and used I'll Sleep When I'm Dead as my lid and crease colors. Then I blended the two. Be very careful of fall out into the white area. I then took Metronome and carefully patted it into the white area for the "liner."

My lighting is terrible.....sorry kiddos.
Here's a better picture from outside that I took. :-)

Hope you all enjoyed this tutorial! <3

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