Thursday, June 21, 2012

Almost Forever Long-Lasting Lip Gloss

Get excited! It seems like it's been a while since we've really launched a new product, and while this is techincally new, it is different!

Introducing our signature line of lip glosses, Almost Forever Long-Lasting Lip Gloss. <3

So what's new about the new glosses? 

For one, the formula for the glosses is very different from out old ones. We had some issues with the lip glosses separating over time with our previous formula and the new formula has definitely fixed the problem!

In addition to fixing the separation problem, we've also discovered that during our wear tests, these glosses last a pretty long time! Anywhere from 4-7 hours! That's like...almost forever in lip gloss years...which is where we got our clever little time-related name. <3

We will continue to care the lip glosses shades you've come to love; Friday I'm In Love, Golden Hour, First Kiss, and Honeymoon. BUT we will also be introducing some BRAND NEW shades...some names include Born in the 80's, 90's Grunge Rock, and 50's House Wife. As you can see, we are getting into the decades idea. :-) But when you see the colors, you'll see why we named them that way. Lol. Photos of the glosses will be coming out soon!

We're quite excited about them! And we hope you are too!

What kinds of shades would you like to see in our new lip gloss line? Comment below! 


  1. They sound like a great formula, can't wait to see some photos! 50's house wife sounds like a nice shade!

  2. Create a peach shade and I will love you for forever. A Coral shade would be a lovely shade to see as well.

  3. I'm not really a nude wearing woman. I prefer red, pink fuschia, berry, neon pink, baby pink colors!