Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Shoots, Shoots, Shoots!!! (sung to the tune of "Shots")

Hello lovelies!

As the title suggests, I had some photo shoots yesterday. And let me just say, things were great!!

The first shoot was for the Tick:Tock Cosmetics Store promotional pictures. Today's color was Alarm Clock! The usual suspects were present as MUA & Photog team, Tick:Tock MUA and High Voltage Photography. It started as Leeb and I met up at about 9 am for some morning coffee. From there, we were off to find a bed spread at walmart, batteries for her camera, and of course, some cookies for Desmond. :-)

We headed out to our usual photography place...it's an empty room at the Conservatory of Music at SMWC. We took a bed from the basement and rolled it up to the first floor, set it up by a window, put up the curtains and made them cute, made the bed, and we were pretty much done with our set. So we went to meet our model at Coffee Grounds! Here's a sneek peak photo!

It was definitely a very fun time! We got some adorable shots, and I think she had a great time as well! And then...there was the second shoot of the day.

Originally, it was supposed to be a MUA and Model coaching session for me. However, when the model backed out, I was asked to step in. And I am SO happy that I did! You can see a sneak peek here! And there are SO many that turned out SOOOO well! I'm so excited to see the rest. The makeup was such a fun way to switch it up. Not exactly Easter spirit, but you can bet I have Halloween profile pictures for this year now! Lol. The photographer's name is Josh Carr, and we met up at Mogger's Brewery and Pub in Terre Haute. When I first heard that was where the shoot was, I wasn't sure what to expect because I had never been there myself. But surprisingly, it's such a unique location! And it's indoors! Score! 

So, the shoots all went great today, and I left feeling extremely pleased with the day. I am so happy that I have the opportunities to do things like this. It's so much fun!

Have a great day, ladies!


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  1. I think it's so cool that things are going well for you :) So proud of my sis in law :D