Thursday, April 21, 2011


Hello ladies!

I wanted to say thanks so much for first of all, coming to the page!! I'm going to use it as a way of keeping everyone up to date with what is new and happening!! But first...a little bit about Tick:Tock Cosmetics itself.

Tick:Tock Cosmetics is run by me, Tiffany Rusin , and my friend, Elizabeth Christjansen. We started unofficially in December 2010, when the idea first started solidifying in our brains. By January 2011, we had purchased some of the ingredients to start experimenting with colors and since that time, we've developed 14 official colors for our company.

We are a vegan, cruelty-free, and paraben-free company! What does that mean?

  1. Our products contain no animal products, are all natural and are 100% vegan.
  2. Our products are not tested on animals.
  3. Our products contain no parabens, which is know to cause allergic reactions in some people and has been linked to possibly cause breast cancer.
  4. In addition, our products are also COMPLETELY FILLED WITH AWESOME!!!! Just so you are aware. :-)

We are currently up and running and you can find us here on where you can buy our products! You can also find us on Facebook where we post lots of pictures and fun stuff like that! Also, if you are a customer and would like a place to post some pictures of you wearing Tick:Tock Cosmetics, it is an excellent place to post!!

That's all I can think of for the moment! Stay tuned for more excitement!

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