Friday, April 29, 2011


Hello Lovelies...

So, almost immediately after posting my last blog, I was...well...for lack of better terms, bombarded with sweetness by some ladies who ran across my cosmetics. I cannot begin to put to words how much they made my night. <3

But then it started getting crazy...almost literally overnight....I started getting messages from several ladies who had come across my website. It was super awesome, because they were all so excited to try my products! But they were also ALL asking for free samples...

So I wanted to take this opportunity to say that I am NOT going to be giving out free products for review...yet. I am not saying that I will never do so. What I am saying is the there is going to be a lot more to it. Let me put it this way...

I started this business for many reasons. I see it as a way for me to be create beautiful colors that I can share with others. To make friends. To have fun. To empower me to be the best I can be. I do it to make others happy. What money I have made so far is going directing into buying MORE supplies, to make MORE amazing colors, so that MORE people can enjoy it.

Perhaps this is just part of the growing experience. Just something I needed to learn from. Whatever the reason, it happened. I have to pick myself up, brush it off, and just keep going.

The reason I am so upset is not because people wanted to try my me when I say that I am SO HAPPY that people are interested and want to try my colors. However...if someone can't afford the $10 (or less if you are a fan of the facebook page and know the coupon code that is currently up) to try ALL of the colors, then what does that say to me? That it's not about just trying them and doing says that most people are in it for the free stuff. Which makes me extremely hesitant to want to send you anything...because who knows if you would even post a review?

I have literally JUST started this's my baby. It is my world. My everything. It makes me so happy. It makes me look forward to starting the day. Seriously, I get up every morning and just check all the pages at least 4 times before I even get a shower. conclusion, I guess...I am asking that if you would like to receive samples for review, then consider it donating when you purchase. I have put so much into my little company, and all I want is the respect of others to at least buy a samples. My own FRIENDS have PURCHASED samples...why on earth would I send FREE ones to people that I DON'T EVEN KNOW?

I hope this didn't come across as mean, or angry or is mostly just hurt that I am feeling at possibly being taken advantage of. Sigh. Like I said, this whole blogging adventure is to chronicle my journey into making my own cosmetics company. I see this as one of the negative aspects.



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  1. I feel you dear! Definitely get where your coming from. With JA Creations, I have so many people trying to get me to make stuff and donate it to Facebook auctions and stuff. Which I've done a few times, but I've stopped for a little while so that people will actually put in orders! I was doing nothing but crocheting for charity and not getting anything in return.