Thursday, May 23, 2013

SUMMERTIME Clearance Sale!

Hola Ladies,

So, life is pretty much excatly as awesome as I had anticipated with school being over, being moved into the new place, and the shop being back up for business! It's been so exciting to have everything all nice and organized so that our turn around times are super quick!

In regards to turn around times, I'm happy to say that we are currently operating with a TAT of just pretty much one day. If the orders are placed before 4-5pm from Monday-Friday, I can get them packed and shipped that very day. Weekends vary, but I tend to keep those days "off" so that I have time to spend with my family who live an hour and a half away. 

I do also keep TAT info updated on the Facebook page. I'll usually say something like "get your order in by 4pm Indiana time today to have it shipped today!"

Our current sale going on in the store is on our Clearance colors! All of our Clearance eye shadows are Buy-2-Get-1-Free when you use the code "SUMMERTIME" from now until August 15 at 12am.

What Tick:Tock Clearance Eye Shadows are you hoping to snatch up before they're gone? 

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