Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Shipping Options!

Hello Lovelies!

Instead of letting the recent events get me down, I'm taking the situation and learning from it. I am making some changes to our shipping options. You will now notice at checkout that there are TWO SHIPPING OPTIONS AVAILABLE.

Standard Shipping


*sparkle* DELUXE SHIPPING *sparkle*

Lol. Just trying to keep the mood light, here. :-)

Here is the difference between the two...

With Standard Shipping, you get delivery confirmation [which means that the package is scanned when it is delivered and does not require a signature to be delivered] and it covers the shipping cost. 

With  *sparkleDELUXE SHIPPING *sparkle* , you get signature confirmation [which means you must sign for your package to verify that it has been delivered], package insurance [so that in the event your package is lost at any point, the USPS covers the cost to refund you for your items and shipping], and shipping cost.

To be honest, *spark--- [okay, I'm done sparkling that every guys get the joke at this point and I'm just Family Guying it...I'm gonna stop.] be honest, Deluxe Shipping is not much more expensive than our Standard Shipping rates, and it gives everyone here a peace of mind that things will be able to be sorted out. I would recommend if you have ever had issues with packages arriving to your house that you opt for the Deluxe just to be safe. However, both options are available. And it is entirely your choice.

If you choose to get Deluxe Shipping and something happens to you package, I will help you first #1 try to find it so that we can maybe fix the problem first before going straight to getting a refund. #2 Help get you information on how to get a refund for the product. #3 Once I have been issued a refund by the USPS, I will send you your replacement products.

Now...for the not fun part. If you get Standard Shipping and something happens to your package...I will #1 first try to help you find it so that we can try to solve the problem by getting the package I originally sent to you. However, if we can not get your package to you for whatever reason, I will give you a special coupon for 50% off your next order, plus I will pay for the cost of adding signature confirmation and package insurance that order as well. And I will also probably feel bad, because the whole situation is never fun. 

What I ask of you...simply be patient with me under these kinds of circumstances. I am still figuring this little world out. I'm getting the hang out it, though. :-) And I'm making some great friends. 

I guess the saying goes, "You can't please everyone." I know I can't, but I still try regardless. 

That's all for this little informative entry. Tomorrow will be way more exciting and fun, I promise! I'll do a little MAKEUP OF THE DAY posting or something. Try to lighten the mood. 

I love you all and appreciate your support so much! Thanks again!



  1. Tiff, your great... thats all. your just special (and in a good way, not the short bus kind of way )

  2. now, add me to the people you love ------------>
    TEHEHE (;