Thursday, November 24, 2011


Hello Ladies!!

Okay, so I woke up on this lovely thanksgiving morning when my alarm on my cell phone woke me up. I looked at my phone and saw that I had recieved and email from Storenvy about some new sale thing they had going on....I was thinking it was a sale to use the "use your own domain" thingy, but instead when I checked it out, they had created new ways of putting discounts on products!! I was like HECK YES!!!

In the past, when we have had sales, we literally go into each item and have to manually change the price, which is super duper lame. Now they have a way of doing buy X get X free, specific percentage stuff that works automatically, specific $ off, and stuff like that! Needless to sale, I was doing backflips.

Because of all these shenanigans, we are altering the way the sale is going to work just slightly.

**The PRICES on the WEBSITE will appear to be REGULAR price UNTIL YOU GO TO CHECK OUT!
When you proceed to check out, it will put lines through the original prices and show the NEW price in AWESOME RED LETTERS!!! :-D

So far, I've been messing with it this morning and I thought I would be able to get it to do combine multiple promotions...apparently it does not. :-( They can only accomplish so much I guess lol. I'm sure it's something that Storenvy is still working on, but I don't think they are going to have it figured out in time for the big sale tonight. So instead, I worked out the math, and EVERYTHING is going to just be 30% off.

Here's how that works on the website....

This is a screenshot from my testing of the new discounts. 
It automatically makes all FULL SIZES = $3.46 (an additional 4 cents more than the original sale price!)
..................................all SAMPLE SIZES = $0.49 (an additional 1 cent off)
..................................all IESB = $2.80 ( 5 cents less than the sale price, but if you look at it, it evens itself out...4+1=5....5-5=0  So it's basically the same sale, just set up a little differently.

Now...the problem comes with using our OTHER discount codes. Previously we had said we would be able to use them. Apparently this issue has not been addressed yet with Storenvy either and while I was test driving the checkout process, I noticed there was nowhere for me to enter an additional coupon code. 

Because of this, we are going to make everything out to be 45% off, so that everyone will get the same discounts and it will be all around a fair sale for all. 

This NEW DISCOUNT now looks more like this....
And I think you will all be happy with the new sale stuff. :-) SO LET'S SPREAD THE WORD!!!

You guys can thank Storenvy! I know that I am for making out sale process much less time consuming!! :-D


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