Friday, September 2, 2011

Wants for the future...

Hello Lovelies!

This post isn't about anything really related to a new product we're created, a contest we're doing, or anything really "businessy" like that. This is a bit more personal, but still deeply affects Tick:Tock Cosmetics.

It's about me, debating career moves, possibly adding more schooling into my future. I'm considering getting a degree in Cosmetic Chemistry/Cosmetic Science. It would take up to 8 years to receive my master in this field, as it requires that I get a science degree (probably biology or chemistry) first. However, the gains to be made from this step are huge, because it would enable me to better formulate products, understand "how it works" in a more efficient way, rather than our current trial-and-error approach to creating more complex cosmetics (like our base...which was a LOT of trial-and-error.)

However, I could also take the shorter, but still extremely beneficial to our baby company, and pursue a Business degree. I'd be better able to understand marketing, how to best run a business, and well...learn on the stuff I probably need to know right now but don't. It would be extremely helpful,'s only purpose would be to make more money in order to expand the company further and further. We'd like to have an actual building someday, where we would have a "lab" and an actual store where people in our local community would have a unique alternative to mass produced makeup and cosmetics.

Or, instead of going to school for these things, I could buy books about them, and learn for myself. The only difficulty in that is if I have a question, or don't understand a topic, I have no way to really get help. It would be tough. Really tough. But, let's be honest's gonna be WAY cheaper than any of the options above. However, I would have nothing that says "Hey, I am legit qualifiied to do this."

So I guess this begins my year of making big life choices. I'll be getting married, and let's be real, we will probably start a family in the next 5 to 10 years.

And I think perhaps part of the reason I turned this into a post was to just get some feedback, advice, etc. from others. It's a tough decision. Any feedback or experiences you've had in the past would be super appreciated. <3

Thanks everyone.


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