Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Halloween is fast approaching!

Hello Lovelies!

Many of you have asked when the Infinity Eye Shadow Base in Black Hole will be released. We are excited to finally be able to let you know what's up! Infinity ESB in Black Hole will be released on October 1st

Well, it's almost ready...The Very Zombie Halloween Collection!

Elizabeth and I LOVE talking zombies. We both watch the Walking Dead series, enjoy Shawn of the Dead, and discuss our emergency plans for the zombie apocalypse. So when it came time to put together our first collection for Halloween, the theme of zombies seemed only fitting. :-)

So, to give you a bit more indepth info on the collection, here are the products you can expect to be a part of the collection:

Here are all of the colors and their names! A total of 7 eye shadows!
There are 7 eye shadows available in the Very Zombie collection, all of which are designed with 2 uses in mind. The first being, of course, everyday wear. The second, to be used by anyone who wants to be a zombie for halloween, but still look good! We tested this in our promotional shoot, wanting to make ourselves look like zombies, and I have to say we were successful (with the addition of fake wounds and blood) in being pretty zombies. :-) The shoot produced lots of excellent shots, including this one...

You don't wanna mess with these lovely zombies! Lol.

Also, new to Tick:Tock Cosmetics is the second part of the Very Zombie Collection...LIP GLOSSES!

First ever Tick:Tock Glosses!
We also created these glosses with the idea of being used for Halloween as well as throughout the year! maybe Ravenous, Night of the Walking Dead, and A Long Kiss Undead aren't as wearable during the year...but for Halloween or your local Zombie Crawl, they are PERFECT and GORGEOUS! Infected, A Breakfast of Tiffanies, and Zombling could be called the more "wearable" shades from this collection. My personal favorite is ZomBLING, but there are limited quantities of these colors, since our supplier no longer offers the colors of glitter used in it. As far as wearablility goes, they are all pretty wearable really. They have what is called a buildable coverage. Use a little bit for a very sheer look, or add more for more pigmentation! So in truth, they are all pretty wearable. I've even worn A Long Kiss Undead out and it looks really neat applied sheerly. The green counters any redness to your lips, and the red undertone turns to almost a neutral shade and looks lightly glossed. :-) They are pretty versatile!

Also included with the collections are some additional goodies! Cute spider rings, bat rings, vampire fangs, and mini "trick or treat" buckets are included! (Pictures coming soon!)

We will begin holding sets by email only on a first come-first serve basis. You can email us at to reserve your full set! :-)

More information can be FOUND HERE. PLEASE READ!

That is all!


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