Friday, January 6, 2012

Updated Colors Photos! Plus more info on 2 new products!

Hello Lovelies!

We are excited to announce that we have given makeovers to two of the Tick:Tock Originals colors!

The first is 

This new Big Ben is a little more funky and has a hint of red shimmer to it. It is also a very different tone from Methusela, which we had noticed had similar tones. So to make them more different and unique, we updated Big Ben!

Second is 

The new Pocket Watch is much more gold now. Before, it had an awkward yellow tone that sometimes overpowered the golden aspect of it. We think everyone will be pleased with the new look on this one! <3

These new shades should be up on the Storenvy in a few days, we need to swatch the colors before we add them. :-)
--- [ <3 ] ---

We had previously mentioned that we had been working on some face powders and I am excited to inform everyone that we have successfully finished work on our finishing powder! It will be part of the line of foundations we hope to have out by February/March! 

Introducing...Face Time Finishing Powder! This product is a translucent powder that looks white in the jar but goes on "invisible," so it's great for any skin tone! It helps with reducing shine and adds an airbrushed look to skin! And it's super light weight, which is always nice! 

We just finished shooting the promotional shots this evening for it, so now its just a matter of getting labels made and the images back from the photographer! Get excited!

Our second product is actually going to be released with the Valentines day collection, but it will become the first official Tick:Tock Originals Lip Gloss! It's name is Friday I'm in Love (yes, like the song by The Cure! It's been my favorite song since I was a sophomore in high school.) It will become a permanent member of our Storenvy, and hopefully we will be adding new lip gloss colors as the Spring and Summer seasons begin!

Be on the lookout on our Facebook page for more photos of these new products!

Tiff & Leeb

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