Friday, July 22, 2011

New Product Coming Soon!

Exciting news, everyone!

We have officially begun the process of formulating our very own eye shadow base!

Be on the look out for our newest product...


Obviously there is no product in that jar...this is simply our promo image to get everyone excited about the product!

What information can we give you about this product? Well, we are formulating it to be comparable to the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil, HOWEVER the NYX Sticks, as they are often called, is NOT VEGAN.

We are formulating our Infinity Eye Shadow Base to be completely 100% vegan, just as always! We are also going to be packaging it in a 5 gram pot (without a sifter obviously) and with shrink band around the outside. Our reasoning? Because it will fit easily into your current Tick:Tock Cosmetics Eye Shadow collection since it will be exactly the same size! And finding it in your collection will be easy too! Infinity Eye Shadow Base will be the ONLY Tick:Tock product to come with a black lid instead of a clear lid! No chance of accidentally grabbing a Time Square jar when you really just need your Infinity Base!

To use IESP, you can either use your fingers or use a brush! It is always better to use a brush when applying any cosmetics as that is the best way to evenly distribute the product.

We expect to receive our supplies within the next couple weeks, at which point the formulation process will begin!

We will keep you posted on how our progress goes as we venture into developing this awesome new product!

Tiffany & Elizabeth
Tick:Tock Cosmetics

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